Deluxe Ringtones App Reviews

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Ist okay

Is okay


Is witzig !

Not free

Nothing is free just advertising

The best thing ever

This is the best app that was ever made if you see this app then get it !


This was pretty boring it was ok but just do not get it

Where is it?

Followed the instructions and now I have no idea where the ringtone went. Did it even work, who knows?


I thought you could just download them straight to your iPod :( Boring and complicated and they lie in this app


❔❔Wat about the credits how do u earn them this is lame!!!!!


This app may be free but every tone is 99 cents! But , you can listen to them on the app but like who wants to do that . What I say is DELETE


This app has good ringtones but why do we have to buy every ringtone, I want to just download it.


Verry Nice :)

Lies and not funny

This app lies as it says its free but each individual ringtone is 99 cents. On top of that the ringtones arent very good because half of them are just chipmunk voices saying the same thing. In the end the ringtones are stupid and overpriced the layout is sloppy and I wouldnt pay a dime for this app.


Not worth 2 stars! Just download the app and give it a rating of 1 (ONE) star.....

Disappointing would be an understatement.

Have you ever wondered "how bad could it be?" look no further...


Stupid should be free ring tones should be free

Free Huh ?

Says free but far from it. Waste of time.

I just want free credits!!!!!!

It is pretty fun

No way

Well free may axxxxs then you pay after you down load it not me

Free should mean FREE!

Dont waste your time unless you got alot of extra money.


I thought the ringtones would be free waste of time!!!! I know another app that u can get free ringtones its call:5000+ ringtones it has a picture of a ringtone its blue:)

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